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Good morning. This has been with Ben’s pest control. And today we’re doing a little video on subterranean termites. These things are terrible, they cause a lot of damage. And in this video, we’re gonna show you some footage from a house we rent just yesterday that had at least three swarms last week where 1000s of wing termites came up with flying around their house, and then you’ll see areas that we found damage. One of the pictures is of a header beam over a window and the header beam is starting to sustain some serious damage and you’ll also see a doorframe that we can push on it’s so soft. There’s almost no wood left behind it. This is another example of some termites we found this house you can hear what it is baseboard is just off. I hope. I hope you saw the pictures and went through the footage. Hopefully you saw some examples of how terrible these little creatures are.

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