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About Ben’s Pest Control

Ben’s Pest Control offers Pest Control Services in all of Saint Lucie and Martin County. Our Pest Control Professionals are dedicated to ridding your home of any and all pests such as roaches, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, wasps, ants and rodents. Ben’s Pest Control of Port St. Lucie only uses pet and family friendly products and is sure to keep your home safe from unwanted pesky intruders. Our Port St. Lucie Pest Control Experts can also help keep your home safe from Termites with our Termite Inspections and Termite Treatment Services. End the problem that’s buzzing and crawling in your home or business with any of our Pest Control Maintenance Plans, which are tailored to meet your needs. Family owned and operated, licensed, and insured, we work to get any issue wrapped up as quickly as possible so that you are completely satisfied.

Committed to Resolving Your Pest Problem

Ben’s Pest Control is dedicated to protecting your family, home, and business from unwanted pests. Bens Pest Control has been In business for 20 years and we are Florida State certified in pest control services. With bugs always around and new ones being brought into our state on a regular basis, you can on Ben’s Pest to stay on top of the ever evolving pest environment.
We examine the nature of your problem and customize an effective pest control service to fit your needs. Ben’s Pest is committed to helping the people in our community. We donate to local school systems, sponsor local sports teams, and are involved in Pancreatic Cancer Awareness, or PanCan.

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