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Hello, Ben here with Ben’s pest control and today I’m going to do a video about roaches. So you’re probably wondering if we’ve ever dealt with a problem like you have but you’re just not sure. So I’m going to show you a house. I was called up to take a look at here we’re going to go inside and see what we’ve got. So I’m going to turn the camera around here so you guys can see what I’m seeing. So this house so people got evicted. And I went into the kitchen and you can see dead roaches on the countertop. These marks are all feces from roaches where they’ve been living there living under the window there’s one crawling. Let’s open the dishwasher. See what we see. Oh, they’re down in the cracks of the dishwasher. Running around there’s eggs in there. There’s roaches on the ledge of the dishwasher. There’s feces and eggs all along the floor. Oh what do we got over here. This is what I’m referred to as a couple of roaches. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a cup full of roaches before but that’s what we have is a couple of roaches wonder would take to get those to scatter that is crazy. You can see all the feces on the floor where they’ve been living behind the backsplash. On the walls. They had something hanging there. They’re up in the corners around the light fixtures. You open up your cabinet drawers. You could see the roaches running in the cabinets
The good news is they’ve got some combat baits in here. But the roaches are much worse than the baits you can see signs of him around the stove. That’s all feces. See if there’s any in the stove. Oh yeah, in the stove door. They’re running. They’re in the crack of the stove living behind the door itself nice. The refrigerator. Well, the refrigerator is not too bad. There’s a few babies on it. But what’s down there we look at inside the refrigerator gasket. All full of roaches so anyways, roaches cause sickness. They can cut our costs conditions like asthma and breathing disorders. This problem is bad. Not the worst I’ve ever seen. But at Ben’s we know how to take care of it. Hopefully we will get the call to get this one resolved. I’m not sure we’re giving them an estimate today. But if you have roaches, and you don’t want them to get to this point, I mean this is this. Like I said this is bad. Give us a call at 772-878-1972 and get a free estimate or free evaluation

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