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 Good morning. Thank you for joining us today. Today’s video is about rats. I am guessing if you have chosen to watch this video there’s a chance you either have or think you might have rats. Usually the first signs are noises in your attic or walls, droppings or damage in your home or attic. I’ve had some people say that their pets stare of walls or ceilings. The first thing you need to know is rats are disease spreaders. Imagine the worst case scenario rats crawling through dumpsters or sewers, and then coming into your home. The dirt and bacteria they can expose your family to. In the history of rats have been associated with things like the bubonic plague. The next thing is rats are very damaging to homes, rats front teeth girl like our fingernails so they chew a lot to keep those teeth at a manageable size. In this video, I will share a picture of electrical wiring in a house chewed by rats. This could start a fire nowadays and more and more homes plumbing is even run through attics. So imagine if they chew through a waterline. Homeowners often ask what should be the first thing they should do. First, no trees or plants should be allowed to touch your roof. Rats are great climbers. Once they’re on your roof they only need to find a hole the size of a quarter to get in. The next thing is any opening the size of a quarter or bigger needs to be sealed up. Then the rats in the house should be trashed. I would tell you never put bait for rats in your house. Many people are told that rats will search out water and leave the house to die if they debate. There is never a guarantee that the rat will die outside. So many times in my 25 years we have had rats die in a house. The smell is so bad I can’t even explain. If you have any questions please call us at 772-878-1972 or contact us through our website@www.benspest.biz for those of you who don’t feel comfortable with any of this yourself, call us today. We will do a free evaluation and free estimate to get your problem solved. Thank you and have a great day.

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