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Tradition has been having a huge issue lately with White-Footed ants. Many customers are experiencing large amounts of dead ants in their houses. I am going to discuss whats going on here.

White-Footed ants are whats referred to as super colony ant. Most ant species like Fire ants, Ghost ants and Carpenter ants nest sizes are usually around 250,000. White-Footed Ant nests can reach up to 2,000,000. That is a lot more ants to deal with. So, why are they becoming such an issue? Communities that have now been around for many years are having more mature plants that are touching structures that they should not be touching.

These trees need to be trimmed off the houses and kept trimmed off the houses.

The White-Footed ants nest in the top of these trees.

When the trees touch the house this works like a bridge to allow ants into the house.

The biggest issue with this bridge is it allows the ants to go over treated parts of the house.

This allows the ants access to the vents on the roof of your house.

For my customers who are wondering how we go about preventing these issues in the future I have these tips. First, your community should keep these plants trimmed off the house. Second, we suggest having these plants sprayed regularly. Third, if your community won’t handle this issue then Ben’s Pest Control can offer you a service that keeps them trimmed off your home. Finally, we can also add spraying the trees to prevent infestation of these ants to your home.

Many of our clients in Tradition are experiencing major issues with these ants. We want our customer’s homes to be as pest free as possible and feel we can help you prevent this issue in the future.

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Ben J. Sell,Owner
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