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Hello, this is Ben with Ben’s pest control. And it’s time for another one of our Ben’s pest control podcast. That’s the end of January 2022. And it’s actually going to be quite cold this weekend. And it’s been fairly cool for the last, I don’t know, seven to 10 days here in Florida. And some people might be asking themselves, you know, why do I need pest control right now it’s cool out, the bugs are definitely less active. And they just don’t seem to be going as crazy as they definitely do in the summer when they’re in full, full goal mode. So what I would tell you is this is that, you know, when a person goes to build a house, normally what they’ll do here is they they obviously they clear the land and, and then they bring in the dirt and they build up the foundation. And normally what they do is they they take wood frames around the outside of what’s going to be the structure. And one of the steps after they put in the plumbing pipes is to have a pest control company come out and treat the soil for termites. And most of the municipalities in the state of Florida counties, it is required by code that they treat the soil. Now, normally, what you don’t do is you don’t come out and spray the soil. And then the builder covers it with plastic to try to protect that soil but but in most cases, the the concept here is that the slab is going to be poured within a couple of days. Preferably, honestly, within a day, maybe two at the latest. So this way, the area isn’t sitting any longer than you needed to. Because if you have a rainstorm, if you have a windstorm, the wind can blow the plastic off the rain can dilute the chemical, and it can affect your treatment. Well. What I do discuss is this is winter. And it’s kind of along those lines is it’s it’s almost like building your foundation. So things may not be going crazy right now in January when it’s cold. But what you’ll find is that this is the foundation right now for your treatments as we come into spring. And if you’re in Florida long enough, I can tell you that come April, things can start to get pretty darn hot here and pretty active. And we actually enter termite swarm season as early as April. So for the customers of ours that have our quarterly service, this is the only treatment they have between now and what I would call the full blown start of season. So whether you’re treating your house yourself, whether you have a pest control service, it this is a very important time of the year to be getting the treatments done and taking care of your house. So you’re laying that foundation, you’re establishing the beginning of the barrier to hopefully then reinforce and support the treatments that you do in spring, let’s say April, July. If it’s next month in February, then you go from February to May May into August. And those are full blown. Bug times may in August, April, July. Let me see here June and September. It is absolutely go go go busy with bugs season is on. To be honest with you even March can sometimes be quite warm here in Florida and things go crazy. One of the things I tell people is when you’re when we talk about laying the foundation, what we find is the people who whether they treat their own houses or they have us trait over time, there definitely seems to be more and more residual long term residual effects of the treatment that help that home. Be more sorry, forgive me there to help the home be free of bugs. So as you’re continuing the application, the application in my opinion seems to get stronger and stronger and provide better control down down the road. So when you think about not trading, what you’ve done is you’ve taken that foundation and then you’ve weakened it. Another thing I love to tell people is we do we do termite treatments, subterranean termite treatments. And the liquid treatments are

priced differently in for us in summer and in season as what they are right now. So as crazy as it sounds, it can actually be beneficial to some people if they’re planners and they’re prepared to to start to consider protecting their house now, before the season comes. Because when termite season comes in In April or May, and we start to get those swarms, we can get really, really busy and when work gets backed up, and there’s more work that we can sometimes even feel like we can handle, what you see is, obviously, most contractors can then increase their rates and say, Listen, we are doing everybody as quickly as we can, we have more work than we can handle. So I tell people all the time doing it now is optimal. As far as saving yourself money when it comes to subterranean termites, and I use this as an example, sometimes, when I talk to people, I had a customer, I want to say it was probably July of 20 2019. And they had called up a large company, and they had called us to get an estimate for termites. And I went out and I gave him an estimate. And in their situation, I believe we are around 1300 to treat their house. And they told me, they had an estimate from another company. And that estimate was closer to 2400. And I was like, whoa, wow, we were way off. And now the difference is their company is probably completely slammed at that point in time of the year. They’re a big company with lots of employees and, and work. And a lot more people call them because they know them necessarily then do us. But what I what I say to people is ironically, so later on in that that year, if they believe it was around December, I got a call fro for a very large house in Palm city that was on a golf course, beautiful house, and I went out and I proposed it gave him a rate. And I spoke to the owner. And he said, Oh yeah, I’m getting another estimate. And it just happened to be from the same company that had given the estimate for the job earlier in the year that I was much under what they had come in at. Well, ironically, I gave him my estimate, which I stuck to my my rate. And I thought for sure, we would most likely get the job. But well come to find out that the large company was considerably under our rate, because of winter, their work was less, they needed to get people out doing stuff. So they were able to and they were cutting some some deals which we all do when it’s slower. And you find that you can definitely get your best price for treatments when the season is cooler. So it’s kind of one of those things, you’re you’re setting the foundation, you’re preparing yourself, and you’re preparing your house and you’re saving yourself money. And the same goes with the pest control. Now, when it comes to our mosquito system, our mosquitoes treatments are very similar mosquito are not that bad, because it’s cold right now. But when people look at putting out the mosquito system, the mosquito system can take up the 30 days, in our opinion to take full effect. So when you start very early on those 30 days are can be affected by the cold. So the cold may not be as active. But as they start to get active, you have much more exposure for the mosquitoes to the treatment. And that gives you the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a much more successful start to the mosquito campaign in winter. And I’m sorry, not winter, the mosquito campaign in summer. And so you look at it like alright, this is the time to get it going. This is the time to allow us the opportunity to establish the groundwork for for your summer treatments. So if you’re asking yourself, or if you’re the person who has said, Listen, I stopped service in winter. I tell people, that’s not necessarily the greatest idea. It obviously can save you a few bucks. But what you’ll find is you end up paying more later to re establish service to get the service going again, because now you have a full blown problem that’s gotten out of control. And it’s going to take more work. So a lot of companies charge more for the establishment of service. And that should play a factor in your thought process.

So again, this is Ben and this is the Ben’s pest control podcast. If you are interested in our free 58 point inspection on your house, please give us a call at 772-878-1972 or check out our website at WWW dot bends pest stop is give us a call. I mean even if you’re just looking for information. We love to talk to people and help out wherever we can. And just a reminder, we do have Instagram, Facebook YouTube channel, and hopefully if you found this our podcast, so there’s a lot of information we share. Just look us up, contact our office if you need to, and we’ll be happy to share that information with you. Thank you and have a great day.

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