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Hello, this is Ben with Ben’s pest control. And it’s time for another one of our Ben’s pest control podcasts. And today I want to talk to you about your business and pest control. Now, businesses in pest control are very fascinating because they offer a whole wide variety of different situations that can be encountered. So what I’m going to try to do is just go over a few of the things. One of the things that we obviously see on a regular basis is of course, restaurants have to have pest control, they need to keep the bugs out of their restaurant. So this way, they don’t have a problem with code enforcement or the health department. And of course, their clients are in an establishment that is not seen as filthy or dirty or having a bug infestation. However, pest control goes far beyond that. We treat a lot of places that are sometimes just offices. We’ve done accounting offices, we’ve done plumbing offices, we’ve done electrical companies, offices, we did a roofer, we did landscapers. And in some cases, we’ve just treated vehicles, even for certain people who their vehicles have had problems, we had a general contractor that had a vehicle that was infested with some roaches, and we had to go and treat them. But so when we talk about commercial, everything can be very different. One of the things we see and I’ll talk about here today is we got a call for a restaurant, and the restaurant was having a rodent problem. Well, the restaurant ended up being in a big plaza. And they were only responsible for their portion of the plaza and it was quite a big plaza, what can be very hard to get rolled inside of a plaza, when you’re trying to just deal with, say 1/10 of the whole plaza. And when we talk about rodents in Florida, the rats that we have, which are the most common are roof rats, and they’re great climbers, and they love to get in the ceilings. And so in this situation, when we looked above the ceiling, there were wires that ran from Unit Two unit two unit. And they went in some cases right through the firewall. And there were considerable holes, where these rodents could move through the entire structure and get anywhere they wanted to go. And so you end up with a situation where you’re trying to deal with a problem in one unit. But sometimes you don’t have control of all the units. And that can be very problematic. So if you’re in a commercial building where you have other neighbors, it is very important to hopefully have a good relationship, it’s hopefully you’ve got a great property manager who, who is serious about making sure that that your business is taken care of from the standpoint of maybe the whole place needs to be treated, to get the whole property under control. So that way, you’re protected from this situation that in some cases might be completely out of your control. And the sad part for us was the restaurant that we went out to speak to in this case, their property management didn’t want to do anything about the the entire building. And so we told them listen, we can we can trap the rodents for you, but there’s no guarantee of how many we’re going to trap or how long this problem could go on for. And without having control the whole property. Your only other option would be is to try to get up into the ceiling and seal up all those holes between you and the neighbors. And that can be extremely difficult to do. And sometimes even impossible, depending on how the building is constructed. So it becomes a very losing situation for the property owner if they don’t have the support of the property management company. Now in other cases where we go in, maybe the office just has ants and we’re able to deal with the ants in their building. Maybe they just have some roaches, and we’re able to deal with the roaches. Those things are usually somewhat easier for us to address. But it’s not again, impossible that you yourself in a unit could have an issue coming from a neighbor’s unit, and it could be affecting you. So that’s just one of the things that happens when your business can be exposed to bugs. Depending on what kind of business you have. It’s very different. So it is very important that you know you have somebody hopefully come out and take a look and see what’s going on and evaluate and see what could be contributing to that. Now one of the things I didn’t really address was industrial buildings, we treat for some metal work companies. And in one case, the metal work company has some very expensive saws. And at one point they had rats actually get into the equipment and chew on the wires. And needless to say, I mean they need their saws. They need them to be working and if the rats are chewing on the wires, the saw goes down, it stops working. They’re not cutting their metal. They’re not putting their components together. they need to. So that’s a very specialized situation and a lot of companies and a lot of businesses, we see those aspects where it is it is very different from business to business to business and it needs to be looked at from that perspective. What’s going on? What do you have, what can be done about it? What can help prevent those things from from shutting you down? So if you are in a business owner and you’re looking to have someone come out and give you a free 58 Point pest survey and analysis, please give us a call at 772-878-1972 and have a great day.

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