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Hello, this is Ben with Ben’s pest control and it’s time for another one of our Ben’s pest control podcasts. And today I want to do an episode on the city of Vero Beach. Now Vero Beach is kind of got an interesting story when it comes to the term the Treasure Coast. My opinion is the bureau beaches in the Treasure Coast. Bureau Beach is kind of the reason we got the term the Treasure Coast back in 1715, a Spanish fleet of ships that was carrying silver had gotten caught in a storm and I believe the story is 11 of the 12 ships sank and the silver of course and the coins and stuff from the ship and was obviously sunk into the ocean. And over the years that those coins and stuff have continued to wash up on shore and kind of the My understanding is the source of the term the Treasure Coast. Now, Vero Beach besides that has just unbelievable area that it covers. It goes all the way from the Atlantic Ocean on the east to whale West. I believe some of the addresses extend almost all the way out to the Turnpike, which is is a long ways in Indian River County. And Vero Beach has oceanfront property riverfront property. It has farms and ranches, and pretty much everything in between. It is an amazing town that has quite the history of, of even like you sports. They’re very proud of their high school team. They are very well supported. And they do a lot to try to promote the youth activities and, and they are behind their town. 100%. So Vir was a very interesting place. If you’re looking to move they they have just about everything a person, I believe coming to Florida is hopefully looking for. They have a lot of golf courses. They have a lot of waterfront activities, they have beaches, they have museums. I know for a fact that they have a theater that I believe is Riverfront Park. I’m not exactly sure. But we like to go every once awhile. They have comedy shows and it’s a great place and it’s a great place to see entertainment and some amazing restaurants right on the water and Bureau beach. And of course, as I mentioned, you go out west and you get into the country and some fabulous huge estates with horses and all sorts of stuff. It’s it’s really a an amazing place. Now veero like everywhere else in Florida has its share of bug problems. And since we’ve been doing pest control here on the Treasure Coast, we have done commercial properties and Bureau we have done homes and Bureau. Of course Bureau has its share of this the everyday pest problems that we see the ghost stance, which most people call sugar ants, of course, roaches. We’ve seen termites, subterranean termites we’ve seen dry wood termites, some areas that are older might be in my opinion are more prone to the dry wood termites were. So again, the dry wood termites, a lot of times we’ve seen are in the older parts. You can get a lot of dry wood termites around the waterways, they’re always prevalent anyplace where there’s water close by. And then as you move into the country area, even downtown I mean the subterranean termites can be anywhere. Unlike the dry wood termites, they don’t really have the limitations where they want to be close to moisture. But we have seen in my experience, I’ve seen more of the subterranean ‘s out in the country and in the communities further away from the ocean and the river. Of course the city has rats I mean every city in Florida does have rats. We’ve been in some areas in the country that have had quite a bit of rats. We have seen stores that have had problems. So pretty much Vero Beach is a beautiful town a great place to come and live if you’re looking to retire and but like everywhere else in Florida it has its share of pest problems and those problems of course need to be addressed and if you’re looking for somebody that can help you please give us a call at 772-878-1972 and we’ll be happy to give you one of our free 58 Point inspections and tell you what we find Then what we see and what’s going on in the areas of concern that need to be addressed all right thank you and have a great day

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