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Hello, Ben here with Ben’s pest control. It’s time for another one of our Ben’s pest control podcasts. And I want to continue on our series that we’re doing about cities here on the Treasure Coast. And in today’s episode, I’m going to talk about the city of Stuart, Florida. Stuart, Florida is an interesting town that was first settled in 1870 and was incorporated in 1914. But the thing that I find most interesting to me at least because I like water and I like fishing and Stewart has just a lot of waterways. The St. Lucie River Runs Through store steward and you actually have the North Fork of the St. Lucie River and the South Fork of the St. Lucie River. The St. Lucie River feeds out into the Indian River Lagoon. And you also have the inlet the St. Lucie Inlet in Stuart. And when you get down the I don’t believe they call it the Indian River Lagoon anymore. When you get sell to Stuart. I’ve heard of it referred to as the great pocket. Parts of it are referred to as Peck Lake. But the waterway actually flows down all the way to Jupiter. And so the amount of water in Stewart is immense. And when you go back and you talk to some of the people in Stewart, there’s a there’s a community that is called Ryo. And Ryle was one of the first my understanding fishing communities in the area. And the fishermen, of course, would go out of Ryo and then go on to the ocean and fish. So it was, it’s always been very much water related. It’s actually called the sail fish capital of the world. There’s a lot of Reese that have been created just outside of the St. Lucie Inlet. And this area is just amazingly well known for for its fishing. Now, besides that, Stewart for years, has been known as a retirement city. There are a lot of condo associations, that retirees come down here, they move down here, or they come here for the winters. And steward for the most part has been, in my opinion, very well maintained. It’s a very clean town. It’s got some beautiful parks. One of my favorite is sand spread Park, right on the water. And one of the things that Stewart is very famous for is the Stewart air show that draws a lot of people every year, I believe that is held in November. I’m Hope I’m correct on that. And they get a lot of planes and a lot of visitors and so Stuart to me is just a fine city. Now because I’m doing this about pest control, obviously we have to talk about the pest control issues that people experience in Stuart. One of the things you see is with Stuart being on so much water and being so closely around the water, they definitely have more than their share of things like dry wood termites that are very prevalent in the coast. coastal areas. Of course along with the coastal areas, you get a lot of rats that are found. The coastal areas can also mean a lot of so then when you talk about Stewart, you of course have the general insects that we have all over Florida ants, roaches, fleas, ticks, spiders, wasps, we have definitely seen cases of subterranean termites in Stewart. They’re always around no matter where you go. But I guess what I would say is if you were you were looking at Stuart itself. specific things that we see regularly are dry wood, termites, and of course the rodents just because of the water around. Now, that shouldn’t prevent anybody from going to Stewart or visiting Stewart. Like I said, if you’re an avid fisherman, I think Stewart is one of those places that you should like to be it’s it’s got some absolutely amazing fisheries, the sail fish eye you hear stories of dolphin there’s lots of snuck caught with the reefs, you have all of the reef fish, snappers. Amberjacks but it’s just a great town. So if you’re thinking about moving to Stuart and you want to have ask any questions about pest control, please feel free to call us if you do move to Stuart, and you’re looking for pest control. We’d be happy to give you one of our free 50 VA point inspections. You can call us at 772-878-1972. And last but not least, you can always check out our social media and Instagram and Facebook. And we’re always sharing tips there on things that people should know about what’s going on. All right, thank you and have a great day.

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