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Hello, this is Ben with Ben’s pest control. And it’s time for another one of our Ben’s pest control podcasts. And today I want to start a series on just kind of the different towns that we service in our Treasure Coast area. And I thought I would start with the city of Palm city. Palm city, to me at least is a very interesting town. It covers quite a large area. And it is not that I know of, it’s not incorporated as its own city. But what I think is interesting is palm city goes from the St. Lucie River, on the east side, all the way west out to I believe it’s Allah pad of flats, maybe trying to think of the name of Allah pad of flats, and then it goes way south, towards what I consider to be like Indian town type area. And, more importantly, some of the things that that I find interesting about palm city is that on the east side, where you have the river, you have waterfront property, with houses that actually have access all the way to the ocean. And there’s a dire point, which is like a whole waterfront neighborhood and then all along the west bank of the St. Lucie River, you will have houses and homes and that actually extends all the way down to Piper’s landing and even south of there. So then when you go out west, palm city is very much an equestrian, almost like farming community that has nurseries, and farmers markets and horse farms and, and equestrian neighborhoods. It is in my opinion, it’s it’s quite a variety of different things. And then you actually have some commercial areas intertwined in Palm city, out where the garbage chill is, there’s some commercial buildings out there. And then the area around the turnpike and palm city, you’ve got commercial buildings there. And of course, you do have your shopping centers and your plazas. And then as far as like recreation, of course, as I mentioned, you’ve got the river, you’ve got boating houses, you’ve got a lot of golf course communities. Palm city is just loaded with golf courses. So it’s quite, it’s quite a mix of a town. And what I wanted to do was just kind of talk about in our experience, the things that we have seen as far as pest control in Palm city goes. Now, what I would say is, of course, palm city has our normal pest control issues that we see in a lot of towns, you got people with roaches and ants, but because you have the equestrian area, you can get some areas where they may have farm animals that the fire ants are just terrible in the fields, and obviously they have concern for their animals. So that’s a situation that can be very specific. And then along the waterway where you have the waterfront homes, we see more opportunity and actually more cases of dry wood termites, which are prevalent along the water areas throughout Florida. So when you get that mix, you kind of see everything now, I talked about the fire ants. Another thing we like getting we see that happens a lot in the country is just absolute terrible mosquito problems. Some of the larger ranch Type homes that we treat out in the country. A lot of them have standing water that when it rains, it floods. And that standing water, of course creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes. So we have quite a few customers out there that have problems with the mosquitoes. Like I mentioned the fire ants. One of the things that we have seen on throughout all of palm city actually, is subterranean termites, subterranean termites we have found in Piper’s landing. We have found them in the farms, palm city farms. We have found them in one of the neighborhoods right off of Martin highway. I’m not exactly sure the name of the neighborhood, but it’s just kind of east of oak hammock or hammock Creek. And, of course, when you get out into the country, some of those properties are pretty old. So it can be pretty common that we’ll see termites in those areas. When we talk about the country, we just had one in the farms area that the house was mostly CBS but they had an addition on the house that was wood and the house was built I want to say in the 80s. And the people called us up and said, Hey, we found this hole in our wall, we need you to come and check it out. And we went out, we found that the wall was full of termites. And so So of course, we had to do a treatment there. Another one locations I was thinking about for subterranean termites was Martin Downes. One day, we were inspecting a house somebody was buying. And we got up into the attic. And we found a lot of damage to the wall in the attic where the termites had gone up from the first floor all the way up to the ceiling. And that was kind of an interesting situation. So there’s definitely subterranean termites. As we talked about, there’s the fire ants, there’s mosquitoes. Of course, as I stated, there’s roaches. But the one thing I think that sticks out to me with palm city, most specifically, would be the rat problems. The the amount of rat problems we see are quite, quite amazing, actually, in my opinion. We see them in houses near the water, we see them I hold on houses out in the country, they are just pretty much everywhere. And we’ve done quite a bit of houses near the water. And there’s a few golf courses, communities around that. It has been like an ongoing battle, even in copper leaf, I believe is the name of the community right off the turnpike. We’ve had codium clients out there with pretty much newer houses that the the rats have found their way into the house. And so I guess the one thing that kind of sticks out for me with palm city in the one thing you kind of got to be careful for us is definitely rats and be prepared. If you’re looking to move to the area, I would suggest that you make sure if you have an inspector inspecting your house, please ask them to let you know if they see any signs of rats if the House has happened, or if there’s any openings, where sorry about that openings where rats could possibly make entrance into your house. So love pump city, it’s a great, great city, great community. It has just about everything I think people could want as far as all the different options for houses. And hopefully if you’re looking to move to the area, this information will help you know what, what, what is going on in that neighborhood and what we’ve seen. And if you’re living that neighborhood and you have one of the problems that we mentioned, please feel free to  give us a call at 772-878-1972 Thank you and have a great day.

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