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Good morning. This is Ben Sell with the Ben’s Pest Control podcast. And thank you for joining us again today. Today I wanted to talk to you about mosquitoes. Now, mosquitoes are obviously a pesky little pests. And they are bloodsuckers as most people are aware and they they can cause nightmare situations. But more importantly, mosquitoes can actually transmit a whole list of diseases, and have been known over the history of the world to be carriers are some of the worst diseases our planet has ever experienced. People will will sometimes ask me, We


ll, you know, what are you talking about? Well, mosquitoes have been related to things like malaria, yellow fever, encephalitis. Dang fever. Recently, the most those common things that we see here, especially in Florida is the West Nile virus, or the Zika virus. The West Nile virus and the Zika virus have been two of the more common things that have been experienced here in the last five to 10 years. So now, one of the things that I will tell people is this as a homeowner, the absolute best thing that you can do to help prevent mosquitoes is to make sure that there is no standing water on your property. The standing water is the places that the mosquitoes breed. They lay their eggs the eggs develop and the standing water is is the source for which they they can multiply rapidly. Now when we say standing water for those who are not familiar, standing water is any water that has really no movement to it. So when we look at a home, we look at things like gutters that may be backed up or holding water, they’re not draining anything like tires that are sitting there that are holding water, we like to think look for things like bird baths. Any kind of old planter that might be sitting on the floor, or on the ground, I mean, sorry. It can even be something as simple as a swimming pool that’s not being used that there’s just water in. Whether it’s a full sized swimming pool, above ground pool or a kiddie pool you bought. Anything that can hold water is a breeding source for mosquitoes. So as a homeowner, one of the first things you want to do is if you’re having a real bad mosquito problem is make sure that the exterior of your house is checked for those breeding sources and make sure you get rid of that standing water. If you have a bird bath or if you’re determined you want to have a bird bath, you need to drain the bird bath and put in fresh water on a regular basis to not allow those mosquitoes to to take over those areas and make your life a nightmare. The next thing I would suggest to you as a homeowner is that you really need to consider applying mosquito repellent. It is very important that you protect yourself from the mosquitoes. What happens is that especially in the morning, and the evening, pre dawn pre dusk or as the sun is setting or coming up, that is when the mosquitoes are the most active. So if you’re out at those times, you need to protect yourself. And normally I recommend something that has DEET. DEET is a very strong product that that will help stop the mosquitoes. So those are the two things that as homeowners you can do. What we can do as a company for you is if you are interested in a mosquito system, we do offer a mosquito system. Our mosquito system is in my opinion, cutting edge. It is a system that we use stations and the mosquitoes go in our stations and they lay their eggs in the station and they get this

larvicide on them and we use the mosquito to then transmit and take that larvicide to different breeding sources on your property. And that allows us to get control of the mosquitoes in a larger area and use the mosquitoes own behavior against them. It has been extremely effective. I can tell you personally have one account that we sold on the island Hutchinson Island in Jensen beach and the property. They were so bad when we came out you couldn’t even go out in the middle of the day. They had a wooded area along a marsh it was woods and they had standing water back there and we walked back there and the mosquitoes would Just almost carried you off. They were so bad. The residents were considered unusable. And we put out our system, we put them all along the marsh, we put them against the back of the homes. And within just a few weeks, the residents said, It was amazing the difference the mosquitoes were, were using our product and taking it to the other sites and affecting the other sites. And we’ve been actively at the property now for over a year. And last I checked with the property manager. The homeowners were like don’t even think about removing this from our property. We can’t imagine going back to what it was like before. So if you have any questions about mosquitoes, please feel free to give us a call. If you’d like a free estimate or a free evaluation, please give Ben’s Pest Control a call at 772-878-1972. Or please look up our website at www dot Ben’s Pest dot biz and thank you and have a great day.

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