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Hello, and thank you for joining me this has been and it’s time for another one of our Ben’s pest control podcasts. And today, I want to do a podcast on what we offer people for free to kind of show you and share with you the knowledge that we have in the industry. And what I would say in regards to that is, one of the things I realized a long time ago is that there are a lot of options for people to choose from here on the Treasure Coast, there are a lot of different companies. And one of the things that I started to recognize is that what sets a company apart from another company, which I think is an extremely good question,

what I would say to you is that we found if you were to line up, say 10, companies even let’s just use air conditioning, and you were to say to them, what sets you apart, most companies are going to tell you that they are set apart by their service. Well, the problem with that is if you have 10 companies and all 10 companies feel that their service sets them apart, then you really don’t have anything that sets them apart from the other nine companies. So we we learned and started to think about the things that we could do and things that we could offer people to try to show them that we are different and that we have the knowledge and and to give them some more information to to use to help make their decision when they’re looking for the right pest control company here in Port St. Lucie and on the Treasure Coast in general. So one of the ideas that was run by me is that we live in a world now where social media and information is just readily available. So this podcast is one example of something that was was run by me as an idea to try to let people know that what we have what we know what we offer, people just share some of our knowledge and our information. So that way, the general public, hopefully you if you’re listening to this, can say okay, you know what

, what sets this company apart. So that’s one of the reasons we started doing the podcast. And hopefully, if you’ve listened to any of the episodes, we’ve we’ve shared some some good information. And it’s helped you hopefully in some manner or another. But I mean, to be honest with you, in 25 years of having done pest control, I honestly never thought I would be behind a microphone recording podcasts. But here I am doing this and trying to share with you the public. Now, the podcast is one of the things that we implemented as a change. One of the other things we did was, we created a Facebook business page for Ben’s pest control, we created an Instagram page for Ben’s pest control. And on those pages, we share information, we share pictures, we share videos that we take, we share our stories of things we see. So hopefully people have another avenue to go out and take a look at and say, okay

, you know, they’re showing me what they’re seeing. They’re there on the site, they’re doing the jobs, they’re sharing this information. And that way, it just gives you another opportunity to say, alright, this is a company that other people are calling this is what they’re seeing, they’re being hired to, to take care of these problems. And and hopefully help you if you’re trying to do it yourself or help you make the decision on who you should be considering to hire when you’re looking for a pest control company. Now along with that on our Instagram and our Facebook page, of usually once a week, we do a fence pest control Tip of the Week, where we share even more information, we take in from things from what we’re seeing every week and what’s being called into us. And it gives us the opportunity to just kind of delve into the problems that that we’re seeing that our customers are seeing and share with you information on that. So that’s just another resource that people have. It’s the it’s the tip of the week. And it just gives you an opportunity to kind of hear and see what’s going on. Along with that on on Instagram with our our posts. We have people who follow us who are home inspectors, so use us and a lot of times they take us and stuff. We share information about different inspections we do with different inspectors, and it gives you an opportunity to see him for information. Now, that was a whole doing the podcast was a whole lot and then doing the videos and doing the Facebook and the Instagram was a lot but we’ve done more than that. We’ve also created a YouTube channel where we’ve taken videos and we’ve uploaded and shared some of the videos that we have seen with some of the situations we run into whether it’s roaches, bees, ants, we discuss situations that we see at people’s houses that are problematic areas, things like cracks in the walls, holes around water lines, holes around the electric pipes, where the AC ducts go in. That’s just even more information that we share. So that way hopefully you the person listening to this has an opportunity to say, okay, you know, there’s a lot of information, there’s a lot that goes into this and and they’re on the lookout for the things that need to be looked out for. And sharing that information, it gives you the chance to look out for the things that you need to look out for. So last, but not least, one of the things we try to do is we try to share all of our reviews, we have worked very hard to try to get our customers that are happy with us, of course to to leave us reviews and share their experience. So that way you the consumer can see what our own customers have to say about us. And hopefully that helps you make an educated decision and purchase. So that’s just another thing that we put out there. It’s on our website. And we have a QR code now for people who are interested that can take you right to our page with all of our free information. So if you are interested in pest control, and you’re trying to decide between the different companies and you’re not sure, please feel free to give us a call nd last if if you are interested in one of our free 58 Point pest surveys and analysis, please give us a call at 772-878-1972 and we will be happy to get over and give you a free inspection of your house.

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