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Hello, this is Ben with Ben’s pest control. And it’s time for another one of our Ben’s pest control podcasts. And it is fall now. And we are coming into what should be a much nicer and cooler season here in Florida. And so for some people, they may wonder what does that mean for our pest control problems. So I figured I would do a podcast on fall break. Now it’s just the beginning of November. And it’s a very interesting time, because some days can be quite warm. temperatures in the mid 80s, with heat index is still in the 90s. And then the next day, we can get a cold front coming through, and the cold front can be down in the 70s. And sometimes the nightly temperatures can even get down into the 60s. So it’s a very varied situation.

As far as our temperature and weather goes. One of the things I can tell you is that when we come into this time of the year, a lot of times when we get cold fronts and cold fronts are preceded by rainfall. And the rainfall is is an interesting thing, because it usually here in Florida moves from the north to the south. Sometimes before the rainfall gets here, we can actually get some rain from the south sucked up to the north before that front moves through. And the rain of course, it means that the bugs can be drawn, driven into the house, because they’re trying to get away from that moisture that’s now present outside. So you guys kind of got to keep that in mind. The other thing that we see a lot this time of the year is that everything can be active. But a lot of times we see things like fire ants, fire ants in yards can really explode crazy this time of the year. Another thing we see as we start to come into the end of fall into winter is we will be back into rodent season. And last but not least, I tried to warn people that if you’ve had fleas at all this year, it is very common at this time of the year that if for some reason, you have to turn on your heat for any reason. Let’s say it gets very cold and you’re just like whoa, this is cold and I want some heat.

Once you turn that heat on in your house, you can really set off a flea infestation. So if you’ve had fleas, and you turn on the heat, any of those eggs in the carpet can hatch out creating quite a crazy situation. So when it comes to fleas, I would tell you make sure you vacuum your carpet a lot. You always want to make sure that you run the vacuum over it that will help the vibration of the vacuum will help those flee eggs hatch, and can help prevent you from having a major problem in the winter. When you do turn the heat on. As far as the fire ants, all you can really do is do preventative treatment or have your lawn sprayed and or treated. And try to keep the fire ants under control. And be aware that that can be a problem especially as we get into the nicer weather and we let our kids go outside and play that those fire mounds definitely possess a danger to our children.

Now strangely enough, I just got a puppy. And we found out that the puppy came from a part of Florida where there’s some big acreage it’s kind of the middle part of the state near Colby where there’s big ranches and horse areas and the poor Puppy had gotten into a fire mound and was stung numerous times and had some big welts just because the Puppy didn’t know about fire ants. So it’s very easy to kind of lose track of those things. But knowing that we’re coming into this time of the year, hopefully you can be better prepared. And keep that in mind whenever you’re going outside that you need to be thinking about those things. Another thing that we can see as sometimes the cold weather can drive bugs into the house, the house is warmer, much more weather controlled inside the house where outside you go from these drastic changes of hot to cold to wet. Inside the house, the temperature usually stays fairly the same. And strangely enough, in some cases, we’ve even had situations where things like ant colonies have moved into people’s appliances.

We’ve had ant nests move into computers, we’ve seen ants move into coffee pots, we’ve seen ants move into stoves or things like that. So it’s it’s a constant situation, you got to keep your eye out and be prepared because these are the things that we can see this time of the year and we’ve got to stay focused on those things. So we are ahead of them. And don’t be shocked when they pop up and they appear and just realize that they have to be dealt with accordingly. So if you have any questions or if there’s anything that Ben’s pest control can help you with, we offer a free 58 Point pest survey and analysis. Please give us a call at 772-878-1972 or check out our website  And have a great day

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