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Hello and thank you for joining me. This is Ben with Ben’s pest control. And today we are doing another one of our Ben’s pest control podcasts and I wanted to do an episode I’ve done some on different cities in our area. But today I want to do an episode on tradition. Now, tradition is a little different. Tradition is a part of Port St. Lucie, but it’s almost like its own small city, I guess in some ways. Tradition is a master plan community. From the best I can tell you at this time, I believe the boundaries of tradition extend from the Crosstown Parkway on the north end, all the way down to Becker road on the south end. And then on the east side, it extends to 95. And then on the west side, it goes all the way out to Rangeline road which last I had seen they really didn’t have much on the west side for growth yet. Now, River Land, which is one of the communities in tradition, actually now has a road that you can get from tradition all the way up to Rangeline road. I believe it’s a dirt road. So if you’re got a small card, I wouldn’t suggest traveling on it. But I do believe there is now a dirt road that goes through. So your main ways really into tradition are the Crosstown Parkway, Gatlin Boulevard and Becker road from the east. From the west you can get there now from that dirt road, but I would suggest being very careful. tradition in my opinion is extremely interesting development. They are here in Port St. Lucie. Absolutely beautiful communities, very well maintained and taken care of some great shopping, they have a target, they have restaurants, they have Publix, they have other stores out there, they’re actually building more and more stores. It seems almost by the year here. Some of the areas just by the hospital have recently in the last year or to really develop some stores there and there’s a lot of little stores that have gone in down there. So there’s there’s a lot in the town or tradition now. I shouldn’t call it a town for give me the neighborhood of tradition. There’s also a hospital as I said, you had the Cleveland Clinic tradition out there. One of the things that tradition has is they have a lot of activities for people. Tradition has a dog parks. I already mentioned the shopping, they have the city hall or town hall down there. That appears to be like a church. And they hold events down there. They know they’ve done concerts. Tradition has lakes for fishing, they have big walking ponds. Tradition has bike paths. Just recently, one of the more exciting things that tradition has done is they’re building a big piece of artwork, I think they said it’s like 71 or 72 maybe right in that area range feet. I’m sorry, 7172 feet tall heart statue that they’re putting into tradition. And based on the initial pictures I’ve seen, it looks like it’s going to be absolutely beautiful. Now I also believe tradition has bypass their schools and tradition. There’s a college Kaiser University is out and tradition now. Believe Amazon is building a facility somewhere out there. There is also some industry out there when you get to the south east side. Like I said Amazon has put in a warehouse. I believe one big electrical company is out there with their storage facility. But traditionally, I mean, it’s almost impossible because I know I would leave out neighborhoods. They have some great great neighborhoods. Riverwalk is absolutely massive and I believe Riverwalk sorry not Riverwalk, River Land, River Land is divided into three of its own different developments of Valencia que Valencia Grove and Valencia walk and they have an amazing sign built up on a hill. It’s absolutely gorgeous. And that’s just one of the neighborhoods I mean, they’re they’re literally too many for me to mention. And the construction out there just continues to grow. I know I was going down 95 The other day in there putting up some kind of condos or townhouses tradition, by the way, tradition also has apartment complexes. They are just a rapidly growing area and highly desirable neighborhood to be in and so far from what I’ve seen, pretty much everybody who who moves this area traditional is kind of one of those areas that it’s like, we want to live there and it has definitely drawn a lot of people and grown exponentially. Now you may be wondering why a pest control guy is talking about tradition? Well, we do the podcasts on different things that we see, well, tradition is no different. With all the growth and all the land clearing, we have definitely had pest control issues that we have had to deal with for people out there. One of the things has been rats, we have seen a lot of people get rat issues. And I can’t say it’s because they’ve cleared the land and we’ve had a lot of rat issues in in the entire area, the whole Treasure Coast. So from Stewart all the way up to Vero Beach rats have been a constant thing. But tradition has definitely seen their share of rat problems. Regular pest control, we always have issues with ants, roaches wass just the the normal goings on that you get in pretty much all of Florida. Now the one thing I have yet have not seen yet is I haven’t seen too many houses in tradition with termites, some of the neighborhoods are pretty new. And so hopefully they’ve been treated appropriately as per code. There are definitely a few older communities that have been here since the early 2000s. And so there’s an opportunity with each passing year that those homes could start to see more termite activity. And so that would definitely be a concern. We got to keep an eye on on those areas for that. On few occasions, we have found dry wood, termites and some of the houses. But in most cases, I believe that dry wood termites were either brought in by a piece of furniture, or possibly in the wood that was used to construct the house where other parts where we get dry wood termites they just swarm in mass numbers and we know that they move through areas. Can’t say that I think tradition is really that way I have yet to see multiple houses on streets all needing to be fumigated because they, they’ve just taken over the area. But I just can’t say enough tradition is gorgeous, beautiful with a lot of things to do. And if you do want to go there, if you’re going to consider moving to tradition, and you want to get our free 58 point at survey and analysis, pest survey and analysis, please give us a call or check out our website. Our phone number is 772-878-1972 or our website is www dot bense. passed up is thank you and I hope you have a great day.

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