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Hello,and welcome back to the Bens Pest Control podcast. My name is Ben Sell and I’m the owner of Ben’s pest control here on the Treasure Coast. And we actually have some exciting news to announce. Ben’s pest control has become the first company in Port St. Lucie and St. Lucie county to officially become a nature side partner. And nature side is a green pesticide solution for customers and for the options to treat their homes. Now, you might be wondering, Well, what does green mean? Well, nature side is actually a product that has been developed with the use of cedar wood oil, and cinnamon oil. And these are essential oils that are found and they are not developed chemicals in a lab. These are oils that were mixed and they were used to determine what could be deterrent to pests and kill pests on contact. And the nature side, we’re happy to announce that they have decided to allow us to be one of their partners. And so nature side is got some some treatments that can be done and performed that, like I said, kills pests eye contact and creates a barrier for the home. Some of the products last 30 days, some of the products last 90 days depending on what we’re trading for. One of the things that with the nature side is nature side has been proven to be very effective, and actually one of the most effective products in Florida for mosquito control. So that’s a pretty exciting thing that most of our other products we don’t really use so much for mosquitoes. But nature side along with its other applications can be used to help control mosquitoes depending on the application method for your home. Another thing that is really kind of exciting about the nature side is nature side is the first product that actually has the ability to repel rodents get this snakes and lizards. Now I have yet to personally try them on the the new orange headed lizards we have here in St. Lucie County, but for them to actually be finding results with with reptiles and small rodents. That’s a pretty exciting thing because in the past most of our treatments that I’ve been exposed to in the 27 years I’ve done this really didn’t do anything for rats or mice or animals in general. So that’s kind of an exciting thing. So if you are looking for a company that offers a green solution to pest control, and green is the way you want to go, please consider giving Ben’s pest control a call. Our phone number is 772-878-1972 or check out our website. And we’d be happy to do a free 58 point pest survey and analysis of your home and let you know what your options are. Thank you and have a great day.

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