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Hello, and thank you for joining me, my name is Ben Sell. And this is the Ben’s Pest Control podcast. And today, I’m going to do a topic of why at Ben’s we believe we’re the best company for your pest control needs. Now, I find this interesting, and I’ll explain this to you. A gentleman once asked me, Ben, what sets you apart from your competition? What makes you different? And I looked at Gentlemen, I said, you know, we take care of our customers, we go above and beyond, we, we are just there when they need us. And, and we’re thorough, and we’re just the best. And the gentleman asked me, he said, Ben, don’t you think every company thinks they’re the best? Why would they be out doing this if they didn’t think they were good at it, or they didn’t want to do it.

And it made me think it made me realize that you know, just telling people that you’re the best, because you believe you’re the best, is it really a good way to get across to people, what you feel really makes you the best. And it made me think about it. So what I want to do today is I just want to kind of discuss some of the things that that we feel, makes us the best. And hopefully give you a couple of examples. So one of the things that Ben’s that we have is we have an entomologist on staff. And then entomologist is able to advise us or answer any questions about any situation we might encounter at your home or your office. Now, that’s not to say other companies don’t, but not everybody does. And I can tell you from that from experience,


but we do. Another thing that we feel sets us apart is we do a complete 58 point pest survey and analysis of your home. When we come out to your home, we’re not just looking at necessarily the pest problem that you’re dealing with, right this moment, we’re trying to take a look at your home and let you know, okay, you might be dealing with ants today. But we might find areas that could be rodent entries. And if you don’t get those areas solved, you could be dealing with a rat problem later, or you could be dealing with roaches depending on what we see. So we do the inspection, the pest surveying analysis of your home, and we show you the results in writing. So that way, you know what we found. And hopefully you as a consumer can be better prepared to address any issues that either you’re having right now or could be having in the future. Next, we have a guarantee that we feel is unmatched by any of our competitors in our industry. And that is this if you hire a security, your pest problem, and at the end of 30 days, you’re not 100% happy, we will come back and retreat your home for free. And we will keep on treating for free until you tell us you are happy. And if that still doesn’t make you happy, we will give you back every penny you paid for the initial treatment plus, we will pay you an additional $25 for your time in trouble. This is how confident we are in the work that we do. So I think that alone speaks volumes. I mean, sometimes people spend a whole lot of money on pest control. And we’re willing to say we’re gonna put our money where our mouth is our mouth is and backup our statement to say that we feel we’re the best, I mean, to pay you back for your time in trouble. No one that I know of is doing that. Another thing I tell people is this, you you will always have a direct phone number to me the owner, I willingly give out my cell phone number, it’s on all my business cards, it’s on my website, my cell phone number is 772-342-8942. Anytime my customers need to talk to me, they are more than welcome to give me a call. And we will be happy to address any issue that they have. So we can get them taken care of. So those are the main reasons that we feel that really set us apart from our competition. There are some other things I would tell people that one of the things that that I have seen in my years in pest control is I feel a lot of times like people hire a pest control company. And it’s, it’s almost like handing off a football. They’re saying, Hey, I have this problem. I’m hiring you and they hand it to them. And they say please help me with this. And one of the things that greatly bothered me over the years was with a lot of companies. As soon as the person gets done treating the house, the first thing they say to you is what if you serve a prominent week, give us a call back.

So the companies that that are hired, a lot of times people will say well, you know, they’ll they’ll come back out and they’ll retreat. For me, but if the company thinks you’re going to have a problem or continue to have a problem, it’s kind of strange to say, Hey, you know, we hired you to get rid of this problem, but they’re, they’re handing it back to you going well, we think you could solve a problem. So, if you do, just let us know, and we’ll be happy to come back and see. Whereas if we feel you’re still gonna have a problem, we will set you up for a follow up immediately, we will say, Okay, well, we need to come back in one week and see how this is going and check on you and make sure that you’re being taken care of. I think that’s the least we should be doing considering, you know, what people are paying for the service and the fact that it is a service. So those are some of the things that we feel set us apart from our competition. So I like to say is bottom line with Ben’s, you will be 100% happy or you won’t pay a penny. So thank you for listening today. And if you have any questions, please give us a call at 772-878-1972 or feel free to check out our website at www dot bense. pest stop is Thank you and have a great day.

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