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Hello, this is Ben Sell with Ben’s pest control here. And today I want to discuss a new, not a new, I shouldn’t say new sorry, a pest that has had a resurgence in our country. And that is bed bugs. Bed bugs are really a nightmare. They’re the craziest little creatures that that I’ve ever experienced in my 25 years of doing pest control. And I will explain that to you. And that is, they are what a lot of people refer to as first generation resistant. So a chemical, what that means is a chemical can be applied to treat the bed bugs, and some of the bed bugs may die. But the other bed bugs that have only a small exposure, or don’t have enough exposure, lay eggs and their babies can be resistant to pesticides that the parents were exposed to. So when a professional comes in, or you yourself come in and spray that product on them. Now all sudden the babies are completely resistant, and they won’t die from that chemical, which is unheard of and unseen. And in our industry. And in my time this is this is something that back in the 90s was actually eradicated from our country, they were considered to be gone. Not even a pest that was was a problem. And what’s happened is over time with more and more international travel and and people going in and out. One of the things that the university likes to tell us is take international students, your your universities are doing their best to try to entice people from other countries to come over and, and give themselves a more diverse universities. And the bedbugs that were in those areas that were not eradicated have been brought back in and have have reestablished themselves and become a real issue. And that issue has has prompted many situations and some absolutely nightmare situations for people. So people ask, Well, what what can Ben’s do for you. And at Ben’s, we do have the 25 years experience. And we have studied at the University of Florida and taken classes and tried to make sure that we are up to date on the best products available to come in and treat your house and to eradicate these things quickly and efficiently. We do everything in our power to make sure we are as thorough and treating as possible to hit all of the areas. And we work with our customers to know what they need to do to prep their house. So when we come in, we can do the treatment right. And we can provide the most thorough treatment to give them the quickest result possible to alleviate these little creatures. So if you’re seeing anything that you think could be bedbugs, if you’re itching, if you have rashes, if you’re finding little blood spots in your bed, or anybody in your family is complaining about itching, or the blood that they might be seeing in their bed, give us a call. We’d be happy to do a free inspection for you and analysis of your house and tell you what we find and what we need to do to get this problem under control. So thank you and have a great day.

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